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WooCommerce is a website builder that can empower your WordPress website and turn it into a fully-functional e-commerce site. WooCommerce is a free open-source platform that offers free use of some WordPress plugins and extensions. You can also use paid extensions starting at $30 per month. WooCommerce was also created with everybody in mind, regardless of their website-building knowledge.


  • Most of the basic features are free to use
  • You can customize the themes
  • Regularly sends security updates
  • Large community of users to ask for help


  • You have to pay for the domain and hosting
  • Some plugins require paid subscriptions


Zyro logo

100+ custom templates that you can edit to suit the style of your brand

Best for small businesses – subscriptions start from just $2.90 per month

Every plan comes with free hosting and live chat support available 24/7


Jimdo logo

Suitable for people with no designing and HTML knowledge (100+ templates)

Free plan availabe with basic features. Paid plans: $7.50 – $40 per month

Free image library included with flexible layouts and optimized for phones


Weebly logo

Free custom domain for one year (with annual plans) + free website hosting

Free plan available with free SSL security. Paid plans: $6 – $26 per month

40+ different themes to select from and over 56 free apps for your website

What is WooCommerce? 

WooCommerce is an open-source solution for e-commerce websites on WordPress. The company launched as WooThemes in 2008 in Cape Town but has focused on e-commerce since 2017. 

It now caters to small and medium-sized companies and helps them launch their businesses online. Over 3.8 million websites use WooCommerce, 68,000 of which belong to the world’s top websites. Its market share is at 23% as of 2021. 

With such market reach, WooCommerce lives by its mission to democratize commerce, putting anybody in control of their livelihood. It does so through its free, open-source platform. 

How Does WooCommerce Work?

WooCommerce can help you turn your WordPress website into an e-commerce website. To put it in perspective, you can think of WordPress as your website’s operating system.

WooCommerce, then, takes that operating system and modifies it into an online store. It becomes a fully-functioning platform for you to sell your products and services, and ensure great customer service.  

On a more technical aspect, WooCommerce is a WordPress plug-in. It means that before you can use this, you’ll need to be more than familiar with how WordPress works. As such, it requires a moderate learning curve for beginners in website building. 

However, you don’t need to learn coding to use WooCommerce on your website. As a plug-in, you only have to install it to your WordPress website and you’re ready to set up your store.

Of course, online stores rely heavily on images and visually appealing media to get customers to purchase products. Using the drag-and-drop feature of WooCommerce lets you easily add and move images on your website.  

Beyond creating a beautiful website, there are more features in WooCommerce that can significantly help with your online store. These add functionalities, such as online payments, shipping, marketing, and mobile phone compatibility.

Who is WooCommerce Best For?

Looking over how WooCommerce works, small and medium businesses can surely benefit from it. It’s also an excellent plug-in with professionals looking to earn extra by selling products or services online.

Or, you can be running an actual store but want to get more clients online. In that case, WooCommerce can help you reach those who can’t visit your physical store. 

What Kind of Website Can You Build with WooCommerce?


WordPress is an all-around solution for website-building as it lets you create any kind of website. You can start with a simple, yet, personal blog and move to a more specific niche. 

As you build your following, you’ll find that monetizing your website becomes more possible than it ever was. And depending on your niche, one of the ways to monetize your blog is selling stuff. 

Here’s where WooCommerce plays a significant role. While your website remains predominantly a blog, WooCommerce helps you set up an online store on the same website.

how to start a blog

Online Store

WooCommerce has all the essential features you’ll need to start an online store. From homepage designs to site structure and menus, you can make the customer experience in your store seamless and worthwhile.

Additionally, customers also consider their online shopping experience based on how secure it is to make payments. On top of that, having a great selection of shipping methods can significantly improve their shopping experience. 

As it happens, these two features are among the core functions of WooCommerce on your WordPress website. With such powerful tools on a free platform, you can sell practically anything you want.

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WooCommerce also serves as a great option to sell your “talent.” Suppose you’re a musician looking to showcase your work. Building a portfolio using WordPress can certainly do that. 

You can easily have people check out your music through your website. On top of that, Woocommerce lets you add the option to sell those. Just add an online store for your single song, CD, or even vinyl for your fans.

With this plug-in, you can set up a section of your website for people to listen to short audio samples. When they’re ready to buy your music, they can simply go to your online store.

WooCommerce Features: What Does WooCommerce Offer?

Even if you don’t have any experience setting up an online store, WooCommerce can make it more manageable for you. Here are some of the features that take a lot of work off your shoulders when running your e-commerce website:

New Store Owners Guide

It’s quite hard to imagine how to start building your online store if you’re unsure of the steps to take. But with this feature, you need not be anxious about it at all.

After installing the WooCommerce plug-in to your WordPress website, it will guide you through the next steps. These include:

  • Customizing your home page, menus, and layout
  • Adding payment and shipping options
  • Setting up the products page
  • Driving and increasing traffic to your online store

Flexible and Secure Payments

With WooCommerce, you can add flexible and secure payment options to improve your customers’ shopping experience. 

You can set up your store to accept bank transfers, credit cards, and cash on delivery. Other options include:

  • Amazon Pay
  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • WooCommerce Payments

Order Management

WooCommerce also lets you get away from manual work as it automates processes, such as:

  • Tax calculations
  • Shipping rates from popular carriers
  • Printing labels at home

You can simply check the WooCommerce dashboard for updates on these functions. Additionally, the dashboard allows you to update your products and fulfill orders. 


WooCommerce gives you the option to list your products on Google Shopping. You can also promote your products on Facebook or use MailChimp for email marketing campaigns. These steps can help you generate more leads, conversions, and sales. 

Does WooCommerce Offer Free Plan?

WooCommerce is a free open-source platform that offers free use of some WordPress plugins and extensions. These include:

  • Setting up your store
  • Themes
  • Around 40 extensions
  • Payments plugin
  • Some marketing tools
  • Checkout blocks
  • WooCommerce Mobile App

WooCommerce Pricing Plans: How Much WooCommerce Cost?

Suppose you’re looking for some specific functions that none of the free features offer. Or, your online store has grown and you’re looking to improve some of its functions. In that case, you might want to check out the extensions page for some paid products:

Extensions Price Per Year Used For
PayPal $30 Accepting PayPal payments
Table Rate Shipping $99  Getting multiple shipping rates based on item count, location, price, and weight
Shipment Tracking $49 Allowing customers to easily track their shipments
WooCommerce Bookings $249 Letting your customers book appointments, reservations, and rentals through your online store
WooCommerce Pre-Orders $129 Allowing your customers to order items that are not yet available 
WooCommerce Subscriptions $199 Offering subscription-based products that are paid recurrently. 

Similarly, WooCommerce offers free plugins or add-ons that you can already use for your online store. Other plugins, however, are subscription-based. Such as the following:

Plugins Price Per Year Used For
Yoast WooCommerce SEO $69 Getting your website up in the Google results
Checkout Field Editor  $49 Modifying the fields on your store’s checkout page
Automate Woo $99 Automating marketing functions 
WooCommerce Points and Rewards $129 Rewarding customers with points that they can redeem for discounts 

WooCommerce Reviews: Is WooCommerce Reliable? 

When starting your online store, it’s crucial to choose a safe, legitimate, and reliable platform, just like WooCommerce. According to customer reviews at Trustpilot, this platform provided them a way to customize their e-commerce website to their liking. 

Some customers also commended the WooCommerce support team for the help they provided. Although, other users admitted that this platform requires WordPress knowledge and may be challenging to absolute beginners. 

WooCommerce has received a 3.2 rating at Trustpilot and a 4.4 rating at G2. This only proves that real users appreciate the features WooCommerce offers. Additionally, other users are willing to take extra steps to get their feedback and complaints addressed. 

What are the WooCommerce Pros & Cons?

WooCommerce Pros

  • Most of the basic features are free to use
  • You can customize the themes however you want
  • WooCommerce regularly sends security updates 
  • There’s a large community of users and developers to ask for help when you need it

WooCommerce Cons

  • You still have to pay for the domain and hosting
  • Some useful extensions and plugins require paid subscriptions

How Good Is WooCommerce Help and Support?

The Help and Support features of WooCommerce are among its greatest strengths. From documentation to guide to step-by-step video tutorials, there are plenty of resources to help you out. 

Additionally, you can reach its support team through an online form. There is also a live chat option for those who purchased extensions and plugins. In most cases, the forum provides answers for common issues and frequently asked questions. 

WooCommerce Review Verdict: Is WooCommerce Worth it?

Considering how it can empower your WordPress website and turn it into a fully-functional e-commerce site, WooCommerce is surely worth it. The free features can save you money, helping you manage your budget as you start your online business.

WooCommerce was also created with everybody in mind, regardless of their website-building knowledge. You can be a complete newbie in e-commerce, yet use WooCommerce to start your online store. 

Pricing plans are also reasonable since you only pay for the services and features you’ll need. However, it can be helpful if WooCommerce offers plans with extension and plug-in bundles at a lower price.

How to Sign Up with WooCommerce?

 To start using WooCommerce, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a free account from the WooCommerce website
  2. Follow the steps to download and install the WooCommerce plugin
  3. Complete the steps in the Setup Wizard
  4. Add extensions to your store or website  

Sites Like WooCommerce

Before making a decision on which site builder to choose for your e-commerce needs, it’s best to consider various alternatives.

WooCommerce vs. Jimdo

Jimdo Summary

  • Suitable for people with no designing and HTML knowledge
  • Modern and clean-looking Jimdo templates
  • Provides unlimited storage in some plans
  • No Jimdo ads on your website

Similar to WooCommerce, Jimdo is another platform suitable for building e-commerce websites. However, the two are different in a way that Jimdo, by itself, is a website builder. WooCommerce, on the other hand, is a plugin that works for WordPress sites. 

WooCommerce vs. Weebly

Weebly Summary

  • Create your website completely free
  • Affordable pricing plans from $5 per month
  • Get a free domain and $100 ad credit
  • Sell products through your online store

Weebly is among the alternatives to WooCommerce when it comes to creating an e-commerce website. Both offer extensive features to help you build your website even without any coding experience. 

But Weebly is more of a website builder than a plug-in as you can use it by itself. The pricing model is another significant difference between the two. 

WooCommerce vs. Wix

Wix Summary

  • Flexible pricing plans – from free to enterprise solutions
  • The Wix Editor shows how your edits will affect your store’s design
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface with a drag-and-drop editor and responsive templates for mobile devices
  • Integrate Wix’s built-in Instagram selling feature to sell your products on Instagram

Wix’s functionalities are more related to Weebly than it is to WooCommerce. It’s because Wix is also a website builder. 

But like WooCommerce, Wix also has amazing features to support an e-commerce website. For example, it also offers a great selection of payment methods and marketing tools. 

Other Sites Like WooCommerce

WooCommerce Website Builder FAQ 

Is WooCommerce Good for Beginners?

WooCommece is good for beginners as this does not require coding. You can also look for resources through its website to help you set it up on your WordPress. 

How Safe and Secure is a WooCommerce Website?

WooCommerce specifically caters to online stores that handle sensitive customer data. Because of that, WooCommerce websites are generally safe and secure. 

How to Contact WooCommerce Customer Service?

You can contact WooCommerce Customer Service by logging in to your account first. Then, through the dashboard, click on Support and enter your details on the Support Request form.

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