Samsung’s New ‘Make for India’ Privacy Solution Is Made for Indian Millennials

Given the amount of time we spend online these days, our smartphones now carry more personal data than ever. While we love to share most of the photos and videos we capture with our loved ones, there are some private moment that should remain private no matter what.

Over time, smartphones have become good at solving the privacy problem. But what happens when you have to hand over your phone to someone close? What if your close friend or a family member asks for your phone, and ends up browsing your photo gallery or checking out your chats, social media apps?

Most Indian millennials live dual lives in this digital age. One, that’s open and includes moments shared with everyone. The other is a strictly personal life that cannot be seen by anyone else, including their friends and family members. In a culture so open like ours it’s not easy to keep our privacy protected.

Well, that’s an issue that has been unsolved until now. Samsung has made it possible for Indian millennials to keep their private information truly private through the introduction of industry first innovative privacy features of Quick Switch and intelligent Content Suggestions. These features have been developed exclusively for Indian users under their “Make for India”-initiative.

Quick Switch and Content Suggestions features eliminate the anxiety, which users, especially GenZ face while sharing their smartphone with others; thus allowing them to live an Alt Z Life.

Before we go any further, what exactly is the AltZ life? It’s a life of zero stress from privacy invasions and one that gives you complete freedom to do things in your own space.

Quick Switch helps you keep your private life private

As we mentioned earlier, most Indian millennials lead a dual life, and want to keep things that way. Quick Switch easily lets them switch between these two lives. It’s easy to set up and use. All you have to do is a double-tap on the power button. For example, a consumer when faced by a situation when some friend or family member asks for the phone can easily move between the normal Gallery and a private Gallery; or from a normal WhatsApp to private WhatsApp in an instant with a simple double click of the power button without anyone noticing it This way they can keep their privacy intact without showcasing that they are trying to hide something. The private versions of gallery, apps and browser are secured by Samsung Knox in the Secure Folder of Galaxy A71 & Galaxy A51 smartphones.

When a user double clicks on the power button in normal mode, authentication is required before entering the private mode of the same app. This authentication is different from normal unlocking of the smartphone. When switching from private to normal mode, no authentication is required. Quick Switch is also useful even if the application does not have dual instances in private and normal mode.

This means when you hand over your smartphone to someone else, they won’t be able to access any private data.

Content Suggestions

Content Suggestions is an AI-based app inside the Secure Folder, and its on-device AI-powered engine automatically suggests users to move private images of pre-selected identifiers including people’s faces to the Secure Folder. For this to happen users have to simply select specific faces they want to tag as private and keep them secured in the private gallery of the Secure Folder.

Once the initial setup is complete, the AI engine kicks in and identifies relevant images from the entire gallery. As this feature is driven by an AI-based engine that sits inside your phone, which means none of your personal details leave your device.

The new privacy features of Quick Switch and Content Suggestions have been rolled out to Samsung Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51 smartphones in India. If you’re looking for the ultimate privacy mode for your smartphone, to continue leading your Alt Z Life, you should consider switching to the Galaxy A71 or the Galaxy A51 smartphone.

Galaxy A71 & A51 are available across retail stores, & leading E-commerce channels. Both devices have recently received a price drop and & are available with affordable EMI options too.

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